Adetunji Dahunsi

ChicagoRoboto 2020

Learn about how to make deliberate, useful and amazing animations with kotlin!

TJ Dahunsi

Aug 28 2020 ยท 1 min read


Modern Android apps utilize unidirectional data flow to bind a UI model object or state to a view to varying degrees. This is often done at the cost of animations however, as while MVVM and its variants are stateless, animations are inherently stateful.

Having stateless emissions however, is a positive thing and one of the reasons MVVM/VI/etc is loved. This talk explores this dichotomy, and describes how Kotlin delegates, along with the dynamic animations Jetpack library, are powerful tools that can easily abstract away the numerous pitfalls and nuances that come up when trying to animate stateful views, from stateless emissions; allowing us to bridge the two worlds seamlessly.