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Teammate App

An app to help you find nearby games

TJ Dahunsi

Nov 29 2017 ยท 1 min read

Project Overview

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Teammate is the culmination of work started in 2017 to boost my expertise of the typical application full stack. The entire project consists of:

A MERN web application built entirely on Google cloud:

  • Database: The MongoDb instances for both Dev and Prod are managed by MLab (Now acquired by MongoDb Atlas) and hosted on Google Cloud and visible only to IP traffic from the Google Cloud project.
  • Multimedia storage: Hosted on Google Cloud Storage, the dev environment uses a staging bucket so uploads are automatically deleted after 2 weeks, prod uses a standard bucket.

The app uses Google Cloud Vision to filter any obscene material that is user facing like user photos or team logos.

  • Chat: Provided via which is just an absolute delight to use.

Long story short, in the 2 years I built both the Android and Web Applications for this app, I've really really fallen for Google Cloud as a one stop shop for PaaS solutions.

Video overview for the app:


Specifics for how the tournament marquee feature: