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Android Extensions

A collection of modules to help bootstrap an Android App

TJ Dahunsi

May 28 2017 ยท 2 min read

Android Extensions

Navigation Tests

A collection of modules to help bootstrap an Android Application.

Check it out on github!

Here is an excerpt from it's readme.

There are 9 modules:

1AppA sample app demoing the modules in the repository.
2CoreA few added utilities to the core Android KTX libraries. Includes extension methods on objects to side step ContextCompat, DrawableCompat, and a fluent SpannableString API
3NavigationInterfaces and implementations of Fragment based Navigators, including single and multiple stacks. The APIs allow for hooking into the raw FragmentTransactions that run allow you to customize it to your heart's content. Suspending APIs are also available to preform navigation actions sequentially without having to deal with the asynchrosity of the FragmentManager.
4ViewA module containing UI building blocks, like animators and helper methods for views. Built mostly around the SpringAnimation from the Jetpack DynamicAnimation library. In the example to the right, it is responsible for animating the margin, and padding of the container views, and the hiding and showing of bouncing FABs.
5RecyclerViewUtility classes for the RecyclerView ViewGroup like drag and drop, swipe gestures, endless scrolling, a composable adapter, diffing, tables and much more.
6ViewPager2Utility classes for the ViewPager2 ViewGroup particularly diff util for dispatching updates
7MaterialUtility classes around Google's Material Design components including an expandable floating action button.
8CommunicationsUtility classes for Near Service Discovery (NSD) and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) communication.
9Saved StateDelegated implementation of Android Jetpack's Saved State Registry for Components that also have a lifecycle.

Projects that use This library include:

  1. DigiLux Fingerprint gestures app
  2. BluetoothRcSwitch IOT Github project